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Solo Exhibitions

2022: Walcha Gallery of Art: "Places and Spaces"

2021: Walcha Gallery of Art: "Recent Works"

2021: Gallery 3 (Byron Bay): “A Drawing a Day” 

1994: Gertrude Street Gallery (Melbourne): “Gingham”

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2021: Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award Online Finalist

2021: Gallery 3 (Bryon Bay)

2020: White Room (Bryon Bay)

2019: Daine Singer Gallery (Melbourne)

2008: Hell Gallery (Melbourne)

1995: Meridian Gallery (Melbourne)

1993: Powell Street Gallery (Melbourne)

1992 & 1993: Ray Hughes Gallery (Sydney)

Artist in Residence

1993: Camberwell Grammar School (Melbourne, Australia)

1992: “Verdaccio Studio” Castellina in Chianti (Siena, Italy)


Private Collections in Australia, Europe and USA.


Art and Australia: Autumn 1995. Vol 32 No. 3

Robert Rooney: "The Australian" (21-22 October 1994)

Robert Rooney: "The Australian" (27-28 February 1992)

Elwyn Lynn: "The Australian" (15-16 February 1992)

John McDonald: "Sydney Morning Herald" (1 February 1992)

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